Hey guys,

I paused the billing cycle for next month, which means you won’t be paying for October and possib;y November as well.

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been delivering what I promised.

I owe you guys a custom story and 3-4 steamy one-shots, plus a few other benefits you deserve, and I wanted to be completely transparent as to why.

The past few weeks have been rough on me emotionally and mentally. I suffer from anxiety attacks, and while I’ve learned to function through them, they can get pretty bad, especially when I’m overwhelmed and even more so when I feel like I’m disappointing people.

I had papers for my masters way overdue, I have book two that’s been stuck for a year after I promised fans it’d be out within a couple of months from book one, I have epilogue scenes to write and short stories, one-shots, the new erotic series, Instagram, TikTok, I don’t even know anymore. 

Then there are my kids and my home and family. I *just* had a baby. He turned three months old less than a week ago, his older sister is five. I feel like I haven’t been giving them the attention they deserve. I feel like a failure as a parent.

I should have spent the past three months sleeping all damn day. Instead, I was trying to read academic papers, write stories, run around with my kids, fold laundry, and being on lives at midnight on Facebook for the Wheel of Smut spins.

I am beyond burnt out. And you shouldn’t have to pay for my mistakes.

So, until I fulfill all my promises to you, you don’t pay for being a patron. I’m just happy you’re still around.

Thank you and only good vibes <3