Tirza Schaefer is an author who writes in various genres, a Goddess coach, voice-over artist, spiritual healer and intuitive reader. Her son and two daughters are the most important people in her life and she is also the mother of an Arabian Mau who chose to join their family, traveling all the way from Dubai to be with them.

Besides writing romance with a passion, Tirza also has a Divine Library with lots of FREE spiritual information on her website, Goddess archetypes, power animals, and more. When she can bother to cook, she can stir up some hot vegetarian or vegan dishes but most of all, she loves to sit on the patio overlooking the garden during the warm months in Germany where she lives again since she has returned from the UK, and work on her laptop outside.

Meditation, Goddess Reiki which she has founded, live appearances on social media discussing spiritual, business, and literary topics are as much part of her routine as spending time with her friends and family, often in an online coffee round because she has friends all over the world.

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