This is an unedited alternative his-POV of a future story titled The (Un)wanted Roommate (in the story t his scene will be her-POV). 

The (Un)wanted Roommate will be published as part of the Beyond The Sheets: A BRAE Anthology.

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The (Un)wanted Roommate –  Dickosaurus Rex scene – Tyler’s POV

“What in the ever-loving fuck is that?” I ask, staring at a gray silicone statue of a dinosaur that’s had his head severed and replaced with a dildo currently situated on my breakfast bar.

“It’s a cake mould, Tyler,” Nora answers dryly, rinsing out her coffee mug.

“Please, what kind of idiot do you think I am?” I drop my bag and take a step closer to the dino-sex-toy hybrid.

“The kind who won’t get out of my apartment and let me live my life in peace.” She’s snippy, but her retort isn’t as sharp as usual.

I stare at Nora for half a minute, watching her release her pink and blue hair from her favourite banana-yellow scrunchy just to knot it back up in an identical messy bun, her knee-length t-shirt dress riding up a few inches to reveal the milky skin on her thighs when she does.

“So, this is seriously a cake mould?”

“It’s the model I based the cake mould off, yes,” Nora says, rubbing the heels of her palms against her eyes, then sliding her left hand down to where her neck and shoulder meet, rubbing the spot with a suppressed groan. “It took me ten hours and dozens of tries to get it right, so the cake holds.”

“But why?”

“I got a commission order for a palaeontologist’s bridal shower.” Ooooh, that makes sense. “Meet Dickosaurus Rex. I call him D-Rex for short.”

Nora drops to the barstool next to the D-Rex with a tired sigh, rubbing her neck again. The voice of my work wife, Alice Furtado, telling me to be nicer to her echoes through my head, and I sigh.

“Want a neck rub?” I ask, and Nora bursts into laughter.

“Give you access to my neck so you can strangle me and keep this place to yourself? No thanks.”

“Come on, you can’t seriously think I’d murder you over half an apartment.” She pins me down with a one-eyebrow-raised gaze. “Seriously, Saint?”

“What are you hoping to accomplish?” she asks, not trying the least to hide her suspicion.

“Nothing.” I raise my hands in surrender, which only deepens Nora’s scowl. “Alice told me to be nicer to you, and you don’t refuse a pregnant woman.”

“I like Alice.” Nora sounds almost mad, the way she huffs in resignation and straightens in her chair defiantly. “Fine. Give me a neck rub, if you must.”

I round the bar, cursing myself for making such a dumb offer as I approach Nora. She’ll find reasons to turn it on me, make this another merit in our ongoing feud over the apartment.

“Here?” I touch Nora’s neck at the same spot I saw her hand squeezing, and she nods.

Slowly, I knead the spot with my thumb at her back and the rest of my fingers above her collar bone. Her skin is soft, smooth, inviting, and I mirror the rub on the other side of her neck, continuing a steady rhythm as I rub and adjust until I feel the knot.

“Right there,” Nora sighs, her posture unwinding as I work her tense muscles. “Harder.”

It shouldn’t be sexy, but damn if the breathy quality of her voice when she said that word didn’t plant an entirely different image in my head.

“You like it hard, Saint?”

“Don’t ruin it, Burke.” Her chaste is more of a purr, and it vibrates through my chest down to my cock. Paired with how Nora’s knees fall apart and her fingers play with the hem of her dress, slowly inching it higher, it’s doing things to the temperature of my blood.

“You’re always wound so tight,” I say in a low voice, letting my gaze trail the length of Nora’s delicate throat, noting the throbbing vein as I allow my eyes to travel lower.

From my vantage point I can see down the neckline of her dress, and I realize she isn’t wearing a bra, the pointy peaks of her dark nipples like candy – sweet and tempting.

“The massage is helping.” Her hands fist at the hem of her dress, bunching it up as if fighting the urge to smooth up her thighs.

It’s a mistake of epic proportions, but Nora’s arousal is palpable, filling the air with a hot sizzle that’s jamming the warning sirens that are blaring somewhere in the corners of my mind.

I lean down to Nora’s ear and whisper, “You know what else would help?”

A tremor runs through her, her fists clutching the fabric tighter.

“What?” she asks in a breathless moan.

“Take the D-Rex.” Nora lifts her hand, then pauses, biting her bottom lip as she eyes her silicone creation with a hesitant glare.

“Give in, Saint, I know you want to.” I feather my fingers down the underside of her arm, elevating it until her hand is hovering close to the D-Rex. Nora licks her lips and sucks in a breath before grabbing it. I grin s triumph mixes in with the desire. “Good girl. Now get it nice and wet for me.”

Nora’s little pink tongue flicks out, licking the tip of the dildo before wrapping her lips around the girth. I groan, watching the gray dong disappear into her mouth, my hands sliding from Nora’s shoulders down under her dress to cover her small breasts.

I roll her nipples between my fingers and Nora gasps, her hips tipping forward.

“Are you wet, Saint?” I ask with a hush, grazing the tip of her nipples with the pad of my finger.

“Yes, so fucking wet.”

“Good, D-Rex is a big boy, and you’re going to take all of him.”

“Mmm, yes.” She presses the dick head against her thigh, dragging it up until it disappears under her skirt. Her free hand moves between her legs, and I can only assume from the motions that she moved the panel of her panties aside and she’s playing with the toy at her pussy lips.

Then, Nora’s head drops back against my chest with a deep moan and my hand stretches out to wrap around hers.

“Nice and slow.” I tighten my grip and press the D-Rex into her, Nora’s eyes squeeze shut with a cry, and I stop. “Is it hurting you?”

“In a good way,” she says through her pants. “Don’t stop.”

I work the toy deeper, slow at first until I feel the resistance of her body. Then I start moving it, gradually pulling almost all the way out and pushing back in at the same pace.

A few strokes is all it takes for Nora to start wriggling impatiently, her hand on the D-Rex, still held firmly under mine, trying to take over and increase the pace.

“Good girl,” I say with a hush to her ear, thrusting the D-Rex dick deep into her with a fast stroke, then pulling out deliberately slow again. “Taking all that cock so eagerly.” Another hard and deep thrust. “Are you going to take my cock with the same enthusiasm, Saint?”

“Fuck me harder, Tyler,” Nora begs, her hips tipping to meet the silicone cock, and I give her a few consecutive plunges. “Yes, fuck me harder, harder.”

Nora’s pleading screams are guttural, and I can’t stop from grinding into the back of the barstool, certain it’s ripped a hole through my slacks from how hard my cock is.

“That’s it, give in to me, Nora.” I’m fucking her so hard that she’s reduced to wails and sobs as her body tenses and arches, her hard nipple grazing my palm still stuffed under her dress. “Be a good girl and give me a little preview of how pretty you’ll look stuffed full and coming all over my cock.”

“Yes, yes, I’m coming.” Waves of her climax crash over me through every point of contact between us, and I grind my teeth to stop the loud groan as I find my own release.

Dickosaurus Rex drops to the floor with a thud and Nora tries to slip off the stool and away from me. I band my arms over her chest and hips, pulling her back firmly against my chest.

“Ty.” And that’s all it takes – Nora, calling me Ty on an uneven breath. Everyone calls me Ty, but for Nora I’ve always been “Tyler” or “Burke” or “degenerate”, until now.

“One week, Saint,” I whisper in her ear with a gritty growl, tracing the shell with the tip of my tongue, causing Nora to shudder with a soft moan. “That’s how long you’re going to last before you come begging for it.”

Then I let her go, turning away and walking to my room.

One week…

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