Contemporary Romance Novels That Will Give You All the Feels

What to Read if you Love Contemporary Romance Novels
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Everyone loves a good book.

Even better than a good read, is when you know there’s more waiting for you, which is why I decided to compile my top contemporary romance series, full of steamy moments, and all the feels.

Some of these books have been an inspiration in my writing journey, and the authors who wrote them a constant driving force, their stories motivation for me to keep running this marathon.

Word of caution: these are all books that turn the heat up, and you should only read them if you are of legal age in your country of residence.

This post is all about contemporary romance series.
For recommendations in other romance sub-genres, check out the additional posts in the Star Crossed Features Blog.

[Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below may be affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase, I earn a commission at no additional cost to you. I recommend only products and companies I use.]

Lauren Layne

Lauren Layne is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of romantic fiction.

Miss Layne gets an entire section of her own, not only because I’m recommending a few of her contemporary romance series, but also because she’s a brilliant author with books that have been a constant inspiration to me.

On top of that, Lauren Layne is a sharp authorpreneur who I look up to and have learned a lot from since I started my writing journey.

I urge you all to visit her website and read her author insights.

Stiletto & Oxford Series

Welcome to the world of Stiletto and Oxford, the top-selling women’s and men’s magazine located in the bustling heart of Manhatten.

These are two contemporary romance series wrapped into one, and Layne marvelously executes this undertaking.

This, for me, is the epitome of contemporary meets rom-com romantic fiction, and if I could only read one series for the rest of my life – this would be it.

As you can see, this series has nine books, all standalone (though better enjoyed when read in order), which means there’s something for everyone in there.

This also means some won’t hit the spot as much as others.

My personal favorites are After the Kiss, Love the One You’re With, The Trouble With Love, Irresistibly Yours, and Someone Like You.

The top choice is Irresistibly Yours; I keep going back to this book as a stellar example of how to write real-life romance that doesn’t feel like it’s fresh out of the cookie-cutter.

The characters are relatable and lovable, and then there’s Cole.

Ladies, you do not want to miss out on Cole. I went and swooned to death throughout the entire novel. Book boyfriend material doesn’t even begin to do that man justice.

Then again, I can say that about almost every male character Layne writes, and you gotta love the girls–sassy, classy, and bad-assy was written about them.

21 Wall Street

“Hot men in expensive suits? Yuck!” Said no woman who loves reading romance, ever.

If you love your cocky, sexy men in custom made suits, this series is right up your alley.
These three modern men who rule Wall Street in Layne’s contemporary series may go by the wolves of Wall Street, but they are a far cry from what you have in mind when thinking of the movie.

What I love about 21 Wall Street is how different Ian, Matt, and Kennedy are. All three are rich sexy alpha men, but each compassionate, kind, and smart in their own unique way.

And their counterparts are every bit as engaging and fun to read. Between Lara, Sabrina, and Kate, it was a difficult choice which I loved best.
Probably my first #whychoose moment as a romance reader.

This series is another compilation of sexy, smart romance novels produced by Layne.
And the best part? She wrote a spin-off series titled Man of the Year, which is patiently waiting on my TBR, and I’m sure it will be just as good as its predecessor.

Dare to Love Series by Mira Lyn Kelly

Mira Lyn Kelly is the USA TODAY bestselling author of more than a dozen sizzling love stories with over a million readers worldwide.

She also has the best taglines, “HEAs… up against the wall style,” being my personal favorite.

The Dare to Love series consists of three sexy contemporary romance novels–Truth or Dare, Touch & Go, and Now and Then.

While I find all the books in this series are great, and I admit to claiming Ford from Now and Then as my ultimate book boyfriend, it’s Touch & Go that started me on my path as a writer.

It’s the perfect friends to lover’s story if I’ve ever read one (full disclosure: that’s my all-time favorite trope).

Kelly builds a perfect set-up for the characters to take their friendship to the next level, of the variety that has you excited before they even kiss.

And after they kiss? Hot-damn. That’s all I’ll say on the matter. You’ll have to read for more.

In fact, hot-damn is how I’d describe all of Kelly’s books. If to tease one of my favorite quotes from Truth or Dare: 

“OMG, you had sex so dirty… you had to clean the entire apartment to cover the evidence?”

How can you skip a book like that? I’ll tell you–you can’t, and you shouldn’t.

The BFF Series by Kyra Fox

Hey! That’s me! Way to toot your own horn, Foxy K.

But, yes, my now complete series of steamy contemporary novels has made the list (and they are all available on Kindle Unlimited).

Meet Zoe, Trista, and Phoebe, three lifelong best friends who find themselves living in different states somewhere in their mid to late twenties after being close to each other almost all their lives.

The only constant they have is the bond they share, and while these girls are confident and independent, their love life is a mess.

Pass me By

What to expect from this novel:
✔️One night stand turns whirlwind romance.
✔️A quirky sassy genius heroine.
✔️Hot as sin gruff mechanic.
✔️Fall in Boston.
✔️Melt your screen and break your heart.

Zoe is a sassy and quirky young genius, feeling lonely and out of luck on love.
One particularly low-spirited day, she meets Mac, a sexy mechanic whose difficult childhood led him to believe he isn’t good enough to deserve real love.

Their attraction is instantaneous, despite not being each other’s usual type, and they give in to the lure knowing it’s a one-time deal.

But what was supposed to be a steamy one-night stand quickly turns into a blooming romance. However, Mac’s insecurities and guarded nature weigh heavily on his and Zoe’s newfound connection.

And when the past comes crashing into their bubble, their fragile bond may not survive.

Dare to Look

What to expect from this novel:
✔️Best friends older brother
✔️Sexy alpha genius
✔️Comes with a “keep hydrated” warning
✔️A touch of BDSM

Trista and Brian have known each other for their entire lives.
Their relationship has always been edged with heat and non-platonic feelings, but over the years they’ve developed a close friendship, and they’re both terrified of losing their special bond if the romance fails.

A surprise reunion after a year apart makes all the things they’ve kept buried bubble to the surface, and the lure becomes too strong to resist. Despite the passion burning between them, years of hiding their feelings from each other have taken a toll on their hearts.

And eventually, the one thing they crave the most threatens to ruin the most important relationship in their lives.

Remnants of You

What to expect from this novel:
✔️Second Chance.
✔️A haunted tattooed Navy Seals.
✔️A kick-ass ice-queen lawyer.
✔️Small town meets big city.
✔️Old ladies meddling from the grave.
Phoebe and Andy met senior year of high school.
She was the ice-queen captain of the cheerleader squad and he was the new kid army brat who melted all her defenses.
They were inseparable, until Andy enlisted, leaving a broken-hearted Phoebe behind.
Five years later Phoebe is now the rising star in a big, heartless law firm in the city, plagued by the memory of her first love, and Andy is a broken and haunted ex-navy SEAL drifting through life in a sleepy small town.

When they meet again on opposite sides of a legal dispute, old and new feelings start to mix, fear and compassion become entangled.
And Phoebe and Andy have to decide if they’re going to risk it all for something that may very well be no more than a sweet memory.

Best Contemporary Romance Series
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I hope you found something to your liking! 

If you read and liked a book, please leave a review, it makes us authors happy and helps our rankings so more people can also enjoy the book.

Stay Foxy, my beautiful people.


Kyra Fox

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