As I wrap up Mia and Wyatt, my mind keeps wandering to the next couple in the series – Kylie and Ben.

These star-crossed lovers will face their fair share of challenges, but they start off with the cutest bang, and you guys are the first to read it!

I can’t wait to hear what you think

Kylie and Ben’s first meeting (unedited sneak peek):

Ben looked up from the glass he was polishing. Oh my.

A woman had just walked into his bar. Not the first one, no, that wasn’t the source of his reaction.

Rather, she was the first to draw such a reaction. Not just a little twitch from below signaling she’d caught the attention of his lower brain, but that tug deep in his gut that signaled trouble of the heartache variety.

Ben took in every little thing about her, the way she carried herself, her choice of clothing. She was wearing a jungle print black and white short-legged long-sleeved romper with knee-high low-heeled black boots. Which was probably the most attention he’d ever given an outfit in his life, including his own. Then again, Ben couldn’t recall ever wearing anything that well.

Her chocolate hair spilled around her face in shiny waves, making the freckles scattered over her nose pop out. Christ, freckles were sexy as all hell, and a girl who doesn’t try to cover them with makeup? Attraction levels skyrocketing, right here.

He couldn’t tell the exact color of her eyes since she was staring intently at the ground, her face that of immense concentration and Ben could practically see the wheels turning in her head.

“Watch…” he started calling, but too little too late, and she walked straight into a table with a resounding groan, head dropping to her chest with a sigh of resignation before she looked up at him with an apologetic smile on her full, reddish lips.

Oh. My.

Now Ben knew he was fucked, because if the enticing curves weren’t enough, those cornflower blue eyes hooded under long, thick, dark lashes had that pesky tug jump from his gut straight to his chest.

It may be his weakness, the trifecta of eye genetics – thick dark lashes, bright irises, large orbs, the combination making for the perfect bedroom eyes, staring up at him while he pounded into that perfectly tight body.

Getting a little ahead of yourself there, mate, you might want to ask for her name first.