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“Are you sure this is okay?” I ask Vic in a whisper for the tenth time.

“Yes, I’m sure this is okay,” he answers in his deep, radiophonic voice, not bothering to lower it. “I’m the boss, Blossom, and if the boss wants to fudge his dirty little girl in the storage room after closing time, he gets what he wants, understood?”

“Yes, sir.” I lower my eyes under his stern gaze, and Vic gives me one sharp nod of his head, showing he’s satisfied by my answer.

Vic is the general manager of the grocery store chain I work for. He’s seventeen years older than me, and we met at the dog park last year. He was walking his dog and helped me when one of my five dog-walker gig pups ran off.

He was tall and broad, with a thick head of dark hair peppered with gray and deep blue eyes. He favored straight-legged jeans paired with tailored shirts, the two top buttons of which he left open, giving me a peek of the curls on his chest.

I don’t think he meant for anything to happen between us when he told me about the secretary position in the store’s headquarters, but I wanted him the second I lay eyes on him and wasn’t about to give up a golden opportunity.

Getting into Vic’s pants was easy, especially once he discovered I’d do anything. I’m a dirty girl, and Vic loves it.

“What’s all this?” I ask with a smile when we round a tall wall of boxes that were hiding a picnic setup.

“Happy anniversary.” Vic leans down and presses his lips to mine in a sweet kiss before leading me to the thick checkered blanket.

I take in the scene before me, trying to figure out what he has planned. The only items on the blanket are water bottles and our store-brand bottles of honey and coconut oil. I know better than to ask, though. If Vic planned an anniversary surprise, I need to let it play out.

“Take your clothes off and stand in the center of the blanket,” Vic says in his gruff voice. “Put your hair up.”

I do as he says, dropping my clothes on the floor and pulling my firetruck red hair into a high ponytail. I moan softly when his rough palms caress my shoulders. Then he tilts my head back to lean against his bare chest, and something thick drizzles down the column of my neck.

I open my eyes and see Vic holding the squeezable honey bottle, moving it from my neck to my tits.

“You’re my dirty little girl, aren’t you, Blossom?” I nod, moaning more loudly when Vic pinches a honey-covered n!pple. “You’ll do anything I ask, right?”

“Yes, sir, anything,” I eagerly answer, and Vic rewards me by letting me suck his fingers clean from the sweet honey.

He drizzles honey down my stomach, letting the thick gold slowly trickle to my bare kitty. Then he unscrews the coconut oil and scoops a glob.

“Spread your cheeks for me,” he whispers in my ear with a soft rumble, his large palm collaring my throat in a show of possessiveness.

I reach back and pull my peach cheeks apart, a tremor of desire racing through me when Vic’s oil-covered fingers start massaging my peachhole, teasing it before a thick lathered finger works its way inside, then a second.

“What the…?” a male voice startles me out of my bliss, and I squeak when I see Ryan, the new marketing junior assistant, standing and gawking at us.

“Vic!” I try to pull away, but Vic’s hold on my throat tightens with a growl and he shoves another finger into my peach, pushing the three digits deep and rough.

My eyes roll back with a whimper, and my body immediately presses into his.

“That’s my girl,” Vic grits, his breath hot against my ear and his eyes fixed intently on Ryan.

“Vic, I don’t understand,” Ryan says in a shaky voice, the heat flaring on his cheeks as he adjusts his pants. “You asked me to meet you here to show me a new product?”

Understanding dawns on me, and I look at Ryan with a renewed interest. He’s handsome, not as ruggedly sexy as Vic, but he’s muscular with tan skin and bright brown eyes that are always kind. I’d cut off the ponytail, though, if I had a say. His sleek dark hair would look much better short.

“I see the way you look at her.” Vic curls his fingers, hitting all the right spots, and I squirt as an orgasm cascades over me. “You can only have her if I say you can, and right now I say you can.” He presses a knee between my thighs and pushes them apart, revealing my kitty that’s dripping a mixture of c-u-m and honey. “Someone needs to clean up my dirty girl.”

Ryan stares for a few more seconds before taking a hesitant step towards us, then another.

“Good boy,” Vic says, and I see a flare of desire in Ryan’s eyes. “Be naked by the time you reach us.”

Ryan’s steps are quicker and more confident as he approaches, stopping right in front of me.

“Lick her clean of the honey.”

“You didn’t put any on her lips,” Ryan says, his eyes fixed on my gaping mouth, attempting to suck on air as Vic relentlessly finger-fucks me into another anal orgasm.

“You will call me sir. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Ryan hurries to say. “I would like to kiss Blossom, sir, if you allow it.”

“Not yet,” Vic barks, his hold on my neck growing even tighter. “Clean her up good and I’ll think about it.”

My hips buck with a gasp when Ryan’s lips touch the skin on my neck. He’s thorough, licking and sucking every drop as he trails the trickles of honey, grazing his teeth over my n!pples and swirling his tongue in my belly button.

“Stop,” Vic orders right before Ryan reaches my aching kitty, and I whimper in protest. “On your back.”

“Yes, sir.” Ryan stretches out underneath me and Vic pulls his fingers out of my peach.

“Sit on his face, dirty girl.” I barely manage to do as I’m told, my legs wobbly as I try not to crash my entire weight onto Ryan’s head. “Don’t move.”

Vic’s belt rustles and I hear his jeans drop to the floor. Then he’s behind me, his belt collared around my neck and his fat rooster gliding between my cheeks before pushing fully into my peach.

I cry out, almost falling forward, but Vic’s belt holds me upright.

“Now lick her kitty clean,” Vic orders Ryan.

“Oh, fuck,” I sob when Ryan gets to work, his tongue thorough as he licks every drop.

My hips start rocking on their own accord, but Vic grasps my hip with a tsk. “Let Ryan do his job like a good boy.”

He holds me firmly in place, his rooster immobile deep in my peach as Ryan ravishes my kitty, my juices dripping down his chin.

Vic pulls me back after the third orgasm, hooking his hands under my knees and lifting me with ease, still inside me as he shifts me to straddle Ryan’s rooster. He takes Ryan in hand, causing the other man to groan, and aligns the head to my kitty before slowly lowering me.

“Yes,” I moan, stuffed full in both holes like I’ve never been before. Vic and I use toys, but he knows being DP’d like this has always been a fantasy of mine.

“Good boy,” Vic says to Ryan, who beams in response. “Now you can kiss her.”

Ryan sits up, and I welcome his mouth over mine, tasting honey and my c-u-m on his tongue.

A wail leaves my mouth when Vic pounds into me, but it’s swallowed by Ryan’s mouth, still sealed over mine in a hungry kiss.

Vic pulls at the belt with a growl, separating me from Ryan.

“Sir,” Ryan moans, clearly about to climax.

“Come inside her kitty.” Vic’s voice is as steady as his harsh pounding of my peach, and at his command, Ryan releases a guttural scream and, with it, his load.

“Good boy,” Vic says, his hips thrusting faster and harder.

“Sir, I can’t…” Ryan drops back with a tortured groan, his stiff rooster still deep in my kitty, rubbing against my G-spot while Vic adds delicious pressure from behind.

I can barely hold myself up, the belt in Vic’s hand my only savior from collapsing onto Ryan’s chest.

Vic grunts, pounding into me deep and hard as he swells. Ryan lets out a cry as he comes again, filling my kitty as Vic comes in my peach for what seems like forever.

When he’s finally done, Vic lets go of the belt, and I fall forward onto an equally latent Ryan.

“You’ve got c-u-m dripping out of all your pretty holes, dirty girl,” Vic says in a satisfied voice. “Exactly like you’ve always wanted.”

“Thank you, sir,” I mumble into Ryan’s chest. “Happy anniversary.”

“I need someone to explain all of this to me.” Ryan pants, his hand smoothing over my ponytail. “Now.”

Vic helps me up and gives me a bottle of water, handing one to Ryan as well. I note with disappointment that he has his jeans back on as he sits on the blanket next to me and pulls me close.

“I’ve wanted to have a threesome since forever. You were my anniversary present,” I say with a smile before taking a long gulp from my water.

“But why me?” Ryan asks with a frown. “If this was just a one-time fantasy playing out, why not a stranger you’ll never see again, or at least not a coworker?”

It was a good question, one I didn’t know how to answer.

“Well, I was hoping we could make this an ongoing arrangement,” Vic says, and I glare at him.

“Do I get a say in that decision?” I ask, the joy of the encounter fading away.

“You enjoyed fucking Ryan, didn’t you?” Vic asks. “He’s a good guy, Blossom, he’ll take care of you when I can’t anymore.”

“Not this again.” I roll my eyes.

“What?” Ryan asks, clearly confused.

“Vic turned forty last month, so naturally, he now fears his impending death.”

“Yes, I’m forty, and you’re twenty-three.” Vic groans, running his fingers through his hair. “Ryan isn’t even thirty yet, he’ll be around long after I’m gone.”

“Who says he even wants to be a part of this?” I throw my hands up in the air, wholly frustrated by Vic’s ridiculous behavior.

“I do,” Ryan hurries to say. “If you guys will have me, I’m all in.”

“Oh.” I blink a few times.

“What do you say, dirty girl?” Vic asks, his deep blue eyes twinkling.

I mull it over in my mind for a couple of seconds before breaking into a broad smile. “I say let’s go home and keep celebrating our anniversary.”

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