Wyatt was on edge. Things with Mia were escalating out of control on all fronts and his frustration was skyrocketing, in more ways than one. She challenged him at every turn, testing his patience and his determination. She was brilliant, so frustratingly brilliant, and he was drawn like a moth to the flame when her eyes lit up with fiery excitement.

It was what happened behind closed doors that was derailing him, though. Mia wasn’t overtly seducing him, but when they were alone, she dropped some of her defiant attitude, making room for a delicate form of battle, one that left him burning and barely in control. Earlier today, he’d lost the battle, and that was unacceptable.

Wyatt needed an outlet, and fast.

As if the universe had manifested his thoughts, as soon as he stepped onto the dancefloor a redhead approached him, stepping into his path with an inviting smile. Wyatt smiled back, taking her hand and spinning her so her ass was pressed against his groin. She ground her curves into him, glancing to a spot in the distance as if she was performing for someone else.

Lost in the mass of bodies, her movements became even bolder as she pushed her ass more firmly against his hardening cock, hidden in plain sight by the blinding lights.

This worked for Wyatt, and he set about playing his part, putting up the pretense of seduction while she pretended to make him work for it. They knew how this exchange was going to end.

Operating on autopilot, Wyatt moved through the motions, still distracted by his earlier confrontation with Mia. The nameless redhead with the invitation in her eyes seemed more than willing to help him blow off some much needed steam.

Then she was dragging him to the bar, ordering shots from a sour looking bartender and pressing her breasts against his arm, running her fingers up his chest.

“What’s your name?” Wyatt asked, and the redhead smiled at him coyly before knocking back her shot.

“Does it really matter?” No, Wyatt supposed it really didn’t.

He tossed back his own drink and slammed the empty glass back on the bar. “Fair enough. Do you want to get out of here?”

“I have a better idea.” She took his hand and pulled him after her to the back of the club, past the toilets, and through a door that turned out to be a storage room with conveniently heighted tables.

Useful, Wyatt thought approvingly as she pulled him straight to a table in the middle of the room, hopped onto it with her back facing the door, and slipped her underwear off. No prelude or too much expectation of foreplay, they both knew what this was.

He dropped his jeans and boxers, rolling on a condom before stepping between her thighs, and despite her no-nonsense attitude, he ran a finger over her slit, slowly heightening her arousal and teasing her clit while kissing her neck. Things wouldn’t go beyond whatever happened in this storage room, but Wyatt still wanted her to enjoy herself.

Once he felt she was ready, Wyatt positioned himself and slowly pushed into her. It felt good to distract himself, despite the requisite, almost fake sounds of pleasure she was making, but the blessed diversion was short lived.

Wyatt’s hips thrust forward as the redhead keened her approval of his storage room fucking methods.

“Oh yes, that feels good,” she moaned. Wyatt grunted in approval, almost bored and starting to feel a bit guilty. She deserved better than a man who was more preoccupied with thoughts on how random hookups were pretty much the same no matter what continent he was on than on her soft and inviting body.

Pounding mechanically, Wyatt’s eyes wandered, landing on Mia peeking at them around the frame of the barely open door.

Their eyes locked and a reddish hue spread over Mia’s cheeks, her grip on the wooden frame tightened but she seemed rooted to the spot. Wildfire spread through his body, engulfing him with a burning need, and he grabbed the redhead’s thighs, slamming into her.

Mia’s eyes grew wide at the delighted shrieks now filling the small space, the flame blazing through the deep indigo mirroring the heat consuming him, and her thighs pressed together. Their gazes stayed locked as Wyatt continued to fuck another woman, barely registering when she climaxed. He kept up the hard pace of his thrusts as Mia’s eyes grew hazy, one hand white-knuckled on the wooden frame, the other covering her mouth to stifle the gasps, her hips rocking in small motions as she rubbed her thighs together.

“That’s it,” Wyatt gritted through his teeth. “You’re going to come for me, aren’t you?”

His hookup screamed as she was washed over by another orgasm, but all his focus was on Mia, nodding as her breath grew shorter. He waited until her eyes got that far off look before roaring his release, coming hard to Mia’s stifled moans.

“No one has ever fucked me like that,” the redhead purred, nuzzling his neck.

Wyatt smiled, still a bit hazy, before turning his attention to carefully pull out of her. When he looked up, Mia was gone.

The redhead turned to look as well.

“Was it him?” she asked, sounding almost smug.

“Who?” Wyatt was confused, was she hoping for them to get caught?

“Otto,” she said his name as if it was supposed to mean something to Wyatt. “The bartender that gave us the shots, he was my boyfriend until yesterday, when I found him in our bed with someone else.”

“Oh.” It took Wyatt a few seconds to process the information, and then he burst out laughing. “Sorry to disappoint, but our voyeur wasn’t Otto.”

“Rats,” she huffed, jumping off the table and setting herself straight. “Was it at least whoever got you in a foul mood?”

“It was.”

“Good, let them know what they’re missing.” She patted Wyatt on the chest. “I always feel better after a good revenge fuck.”

“You can do better than me and Otto,” Wyatt said, following the redhead to the door.

I know.” She turned and winked. “Good luck with whoever’s been getting under your skin.”

With those parting words, she disappeared back into the club. Wyatt wasn’t in the mood for partying anymore though. If he thought that burning through some of the sexual tension he’d been accumulating over the past three weeks was somehow going to help, whatever happened with Mia in the storage room only made it worse.

He needed to figure this out, and fast.


It was Monday morning and Wyatt was looking for Mia in the hub. No one was there yet, considering the ungodly hour, but Mia always came in extra early.

He’d been wrestling with himself all weekend, trying to reach one definitive conclusion on how to approach the night at the club.

Wyatt couldn’t stop replaying the hazy gaze that took over Mia’s witchy eyes when she came, how intense their connection was, even at twenty feet apart. His body was desperate for a taste of Mia, a thirst he’d barely managed to keep under control before was now wreaking havoc on him. He needed to make a choice – either he quenched it or one of them had to go.

Which was why he was at the hub so early on a Monday morning, making a beeline to the unlocked lab and finding Mia standing over a tray of samples, fully immersed in examining them and jotting down notes.

The original plan was to talk to her, sort this mess out, but then he was near her again and all his well laid plans went down the drain. Watching her stand there all serious with a holier-than-thou aura flared his anger as much as it did his desire, the way she acted like he’d worked any less hard than she had to reach his position, the way her mere presence was a challenge that ignited every cell in his body.

Wyatt quietly stalked to her and pressed into her back, covering her mouth with his palm to silence a surprised yelp.

“Now, now, you wouldn’t want anyone to come rushing over and see us like this, would you?” he whispered into her ear. Despite the anger in her eyes, Mia’s physical reaction to him was undeniable. Her body trembled and turned hot, back pressing into his chest, and Wyatt’s logic immediately forfeited the battle.

His hand slid off her mouth and down her chest, lightly grazing over her breast where he could feel the tight peak of her nipple. “Last night was amazing, Mia.”

“I’m glad you had a good fuck,” she snapped in a low voice, still leaning into him despite her hostile tone. “Queutard.”

“You know what I’m talking about.” He continued to trail his hand down her body to the waistband of her tan slacks. “I had you climaxing with nothing but a look. Imagine how hard I could make you come if I fucked you?”

“I don’t like you,” Mia answered with a soft moan, arching into his touch.

“Then why’d you follow me to the storage room?” No answer, and Wyatt snickered as his teeth grazed over her neck, his erection pressed firmly into her back, eliciting a needy whimper from Mia. “You may not like me, Prickly Pear, but you want me.”

She reached back, cupping him through his slacks, and Wyatt responded to the light touch with a low growl.

“Wyatt…” the lustful way she gasped his name had his blood boiling. He was beyond turned on at this point, made entirely of pulsing need and desire.

“I love hearing you beg for me.” His finger slid under her waistband, teasing the sensitive skin above her pussy. “I’m starting to get sold on your idea of using sex as a physical outlet.”

Mia snorted, slipping away from his hold and shooting his crotch an amused glance. “I think you’ve already bought into it.”

“You make a very compelling pitch.”

Mia just raised an eyebrow before turning her back and walking off to her office. Wyatt smiled and followed. She was into it, he could practically taste her arousal, feel her need seeping through her skin.

Wyatt had promised himself that he’d keep the hub professional, but right now he was driven by pure lust. He’d worry about a neutral workspace later, after he knew she was on board.

“Wyatt!” Mia’s surprised gasp when he caught her wrist and spun her against the door turned into a deep moan when he pressed into her and claimed her lips. She was sweet, her lips tasted like the honey and heather of the lip balm he often saw her use. She didn’t hesitate to open to him and let him dive into the warm wet depths of her mouth.

A groan was torn from Wyatt’s chest when he ground into the vee of Mia’s thighs. He hadn’t even noticed that he’d lifted her off the ground or that she’d wrapped her legs around him, but he knew this was going one direction fast if he didn’t stop it now.

Mia’s eyes grew wide when he placed her back on the ground, cheeks flushed and chest heaving.

“I’m not doing this here,” he explained, gesturing to the room though it was obvious he was talking about the entire hub. “I’ll be waiting for you tonight at my place, 6 pm.”

“What makes you think I’ll come?” Mia stuck out her chin defiantly, unable to resist pushing back at him despite her body betraying her true desires.

Wyatt took a step forward and caged her between his arms, inhaling her scent with a low rumble. “Oh, you’re going to come,” he said, reveling in the goosebumps erupting over her skin and the soft moan leaving her lips even as she was fighting to hide her arousal. “Several times.”

“You’re such a cocky bastard.” Wyatt smiled at her frustrated snip, his lips feathering over her soft skin. “I hate you.”

“Your hate is like fuel and I plan to burn your world to ashes,” he whispered against her neck before pushing away and nudging her aside to open the door, calling over his shoulder, “I’ll see you tonight.”