Pass me By (BFF Series Book One)

An Opposites Attract Romance Novel

Can a one-night stand between a jaded young genius and an emotionally closed-off mechanic ever become more?


Dr. Zoe Lawrence has given up on finding a man who isn’t afraid of her IQ. So, when charming, melt-your-panties-with-a-smile Mac asks her out, she agrees with full intention of using him to scratch an itch and move on.

What they thought would be one night of fun quickly turns into a heat-filled whirlwind romance.

While Zoe is falling fast, Mac’s insecurities about his self-worth cause him to push her away, leaving Zoe wondering if he will ever trust her love enough to let her in or if their fragile bond was doomed from the start.

A steamy opposites attract romance novel


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