Hidden Signs (Peak Securities Book Two)


She’d rather risk her heart than risk his life.

When an undercover mission goes wrong, Detective Emilia Ray Drucker is forced to hitch a ride with Peak Securities CEO, Micah Peak, while maintaining her cover as a twenty-year-old college student.

Micah is charming as he is handsome, and his mile-long protective streak is hard to resist, but the last thing Milly can afford is falling for him or, even worse, putting him in harm's way.

With the ruthless Daniel Harlow at her heels and Micah adamant to help her at any cost, Milly will do everything it takes to get them both to safety in Ohio without getting Micah involved in her dangerous mission, even if it means heartbreak.

Can Milly distract Micah long enough to outrun danger, or will danger catch up to them both on the road?

Continue the thrilling mission to find Daniel Harlow today with HIDDEN SIGNS, the second book in the PEAK SECURITY series.


**Hidden Signs is the second novel in the Peak Securities series. While each book tells the story of a different couple, they should be read in order to properly follow the suspense arc. This book ends with a cliffhanger.**



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