Mia was walking back to the lab from a division meeting, immersed in her phone. Specifically in the raunchy exchange she and Wyatt had a couple of nights ago. It pained her to admit that she felt his absence, mostly from her bed.

Laughter greeted Mia as she approached the hub. She didn’t need to get close to know what the source of excitement was. The second she lifted her head from the screen she could feel Wyatt’s energy in the room, quickening her pulse and pulling her to him.

“Mia!” Giles turned to her with a broad smile, radiating with enthusiasm. “Wyatt’s back!”

“Doctor Bissonnette.” Wyatt nodded her direction from his perch on one of the couches. He addressed her with familiar politeness, no heat or even a sliver of warmth.

“Doctor Jenkins, welcome back,” Mia answered with the same intonation. She was just as skilled in playing this game, even with the liquid heat centering low in her abdomen, tugging at her belly with need.

“Thank you.” Another courteous smile, and Wyatt was standing. “I have some work to catch up on, but we should have a hub dinner on Monday, my treat.” He shoved one hand into his pocket and pointed with the other at Giles. “You choose, somewhere fun and tasty.”

Giles was beyond himself, eyes shining and smile broadening. “Fun and tasty, I’ve got you covered, boss.”

“Great. Back to work everyone.” Wyatt retreated to his office and the group quickly scattered to their various duties, but Mia was too stunned to move.

They hadn’t seen each other for a week, but the entire time they’d been texting. Not only sexting, but also about the hub and Wyatt’s meetings, sometimes about silly things like a new coffee shop she’d discovered or a really good wine he drank. And here he finally was, flesh and blood standing right in front of her, and he barely gave Mia a second glance, not even for a professional chat.

The bastard, she seethed in her mind, turning after Wyatt and making a conscious effort not to stomp. He thinks he can play me that easily?

She leaned on the frame of Wyatt’s office door. “Doctor Jenkins, a moment of your time.”

“Yeah, sure, come in,” he answered without lifting his gaze from his computer, pretending to be distracted by whatever he was working on.

Mia walked in and shut the door behind her, the fiery heat in her body amplifying with every inch she cleared between them.

“How was your trip?” she asked, forcing herself to take measured strides.

“Boring but successful.” He shrugged, finally lifting his gaze from the screen to her. He couldn’t mask the fire in his eyes, a flame that seared through Mia’s body with almost painful longing. “I know there are a lot of hub updates from the week I wasn’t here, I saw your report on the newest experiment and Giles’s proposal, and I promise I’ll make time to sit with you properly. But I have to finish these funding applications first.”

“That’s not why I’m here.” She rounded his desk, spinning his chair so he faced her and straddling his thighs, crashing her mouth against his.

“Mia,” Wyatt growled in a low rumble, placing his hands on her waist and pushing her away before she managed to wiggle her hips closer to his. “Total separation, it’s the only rule I gave you.”

“You can’t fool me, la bête,” Mia said in a breathless murmur, cupping Wyatt through his gray slacks. He was hard like granite and need flooded Mia’s body. She hadn’t realized how much she’d been craving him until now. “I need you inside of me, now.”

With a swift move, Wyatt stood and placed Mia on the table.

“You think I haven’t been dying to bury myself in your tight little body since the moment you walked into the hub?” His voice had an edge to it, gruff and desperate, his fingers flexing almost painfully against her flesh. “But this is the one red line I asked you not to cross, for your protection as much as mine.”

Mia knew Wyatt was right, but the knowledge faded away under the onslaught of yearning for the feel of his body against hers. She fisted his shirt, locking her ankles behind his back and engaging every muscle in her body to pull his solid bulk to her.

Wyatt groaned into her mouth, loosening his hold enough for Mia to tip her hips into his, the neediest parts of her feverish for any kind of contact.

Mia gasped when Wyatt’s fingers closed around her throat, holding her steady as he pulled away. His eyes were dark, dissolute in a way that made Mia tremble with desire under his touch. Dominance was seeping out of his skin, further intoxicating her, edging her closer to madness.

“Wyatt,” Mia panted, clutching his shirt. “Please.”

“You really can’t help yourself, can you?” It was pointless to deny, and she was too far gone to even try. “Did your sweet pussy miss my cock, Mia?”

“Yes.” She caught his gaze, licking her lips and reached out to trace his with her fingers. “And your mouth.”

Wyatt’s lips stretched into a dangerously smug grin under her fingers. “You know what this means, Prickly Pear?”

Mia had no idea, but she sensed it wasn’t something she’d like. “That you’re going to break your stupid rule and eat me out right here on your desk?”

“No.” He tightened his hold on her throat, the vein in his neck throbbing fast and hard. “It means you lost our bet, so tonight I get to collect my reward and punish you for breaking my rule.”

A pleasurable shiver ran up Mia’s spine. She was sure she’d managed to push him beyond his breaking point last week with her coffee order but was proven wrong. Not that she was disappointed by the result, Wyatt had a natural gift of coaxing her to the edge and then keeping her teetering there with various methods of delicious torture. It was a sweet form of punishment, but not the one she craved.

“You’re an animal,” she hissed at him.

“You have no idea,” he said with that same cocky grin, stepping away and resuming his seat, rolling a few inches back to allow Mia easy passage. “Go back to work, Mia. I’ll see you tonight.”


Mia was notsitting and staring at her front door in restless anticipation for Wyatt. No, she was doing perfectly fine. In fact, Wyatt shouldn’t even bother showing up as far as she was concerned.

After all, she hadn’t tidied and taken a long, soothing bath with scented oils just for his benefit. And she most certainly did notbuy the bottle of wine she was currently drinking from simply because he’d raved about it.

It was after 8 pm, and Mia was sipping from her glass in the dimmed light of her flat. Alone. Not that she was bothered.

Her thoughts were cut short by the sound of soft knocking, and she sprang off the couch, almost spilling wine all over herself, rushing to the door and pausing to smooth out her silk robe before opening it.

Mia’s breath stalled at the sight that greeted her. A freshly shaved and showered Wyatt filled her doorframe, eyes blazing over the exposed skin of her legs and thighs, delaying on the deep vee revealing the skin between her breasts, before lifting to meet hers.

There was a moment where everything except the crackling energy around them froze, and then Wyatt was devouring her lips, pulling the panels of her robe open and cupping her breasts, backing Mia deeper into the flat until they were in her bathroom.

Mia’s ass bumped into the vanity countertop and Wyatt pulled away, uninhibited lust burning in his eyes when he looked at her.

“What am I going to do with you?” He sounded almost irritated, but in a sexy, Wyatt manner that made Mia want to push all his buttons until he unleashed that feral side he kept neatly tucked under his highbrow exterior.

“You can fuck me, for starters,” Mia said with a purposefully challenging tone, and Wyatt bowed his head, skipping her mouth and pressing his lips to her ear.

“We’ll get there, Prickly Pear,” he promised with a hush that jolted through Mia’s body all the way down to her toes. “But you need to learn a lesson about the importance of following the rules before I give you what you want.”

Wyatt straightened, whipping his shirt over his head and looming over her. A wall of defined dips and ridges that Mia was starting to know as well as she knew her own body.

“Take it off.” He indicated her robe, and Mia let the smooth fabric slide down her arms. “Turn around.” Once again, she complied without argument. “Bend over.”

Mia bit her bottom lip at the last command, lowering herself over the counter and bracing her forearms on the cool marble, watching Wyatt through the mirror.

“Such a sexy ass,” he rumbled in appreciation, caressing the soft skin of her cheeks. “One might say I’m full of admiration for it.” He delivered a light swat to her right ass cheek, enough to make his intentions clear, before lifting his gaze to meet hers in the mirror. “What would you call that, Mia?”

She knew what he was asking and she knew what she wanted.

Without hesitation she flashed him a wicked smile, her gaze never wavering from his. “I’d call that a perfectly understandable fixation on a beautiful bottom.”

Wyatt’s eyes gleamed with satisfaction, and before Mia could prepare the flat of his palm landed on her rear again, this time with a resounding crack. Mia yelped at the sudden sting, heat from the point of contact licked over her skin, slicking her thighs. She’d finally pushed him over the edge, she’d won.

“Do you want to know a secret?” he asked, smoothing a hand over her warmed skin, and Mia nodded. “I’ve been back since yesterday evening.”

Mia’s eyes flew open in time to see Wyatt’s palm descend for another whack, crying out when it made contact with her skin. He was sporting a smug grin, and Mia cursed herself for not realizing she’d been played. Again.

She may have voluntarily pushed Wyatt over the edge, but he was expecting it, hoping for it, even. And he’d lured her into taking the plunge with him.