Goosebumps dotted Mia’s skin when Wyatt whispered in her ear. She was soft, inviting, so goddamn tempting with her purple witch eyes full of challenge as they gazed up at him. Wyatt was wound so tight it was almost painful. It took all he had not to blow when Mia’s body gripped him, and it took all he had now not to take her against the wall and relieve the strain in his cock.

“I already got what I came for, labête.” Her fingernails scraped over his chest. “Think you can outdo yourself?”

Mia’s abrasiveness was stoking the blistering fire in Wyatt’s body. She wasn’t trying to hide how he affected her, she couldn’t. The air around them was inundated with the maddening scent of her arousal, but she was making it clear that every sweet moan would be hard earned, and Wyatt wasn’t about to cave into her provocations.

“I know I can.” He opened the door and gestured for her to enter, waiting until she was at his king-sized bed before moving. It was an opportunity to look her over from afar.

Mia was average in height, around five-feet-five, her willowy form with delicate curves and long legs was breathtaking. She was truly a beautiful woman, and Wyatt couldn’t help but think how fragile she felt when he had held her against his body, how well her delicacy fit there, how good it felt to have her bare skin against his.

He had invited her over tonight with hopes it would get the tension out of their systems, maybe even pave a path to a more habitable work environment. He held no illusions as to what tomorrow would bring, though, so he decided to concentrate on enjoying the now, finding relief from whatever this insanity was between him and Mia.

Mia turned to look at him, arching an eyebrow. “Are you joining me anytime soon?” The geometric owl tattoo on her left flank was staring right at him with piercing purple eyes that mirrored its owner Anticipation tickled at his spine.

“A word of caution,” he warned as he closed the distance between them, lifting her by the waist and throwing her on the bed, enjoying the surprised gasp and the flame flickering in her eyes. “I’m not stopping until I get my fill, even if you beg.”

“I can’t imagine a scenario where you make me beg.” Her indigo eyes delivered an exaggerated roll as Wyatt climbed onto the bed and covered her body with his.

“Now who’s full of themselves?” Wyatt chuckled, rubbing the scruff he made a point of not shaving tonight against her cheek, down the column of her neck, and between the valley of her breasts. He took a deep breath, smelling the delicate aroma of her pear scented body lotion mixed with his forest shower gel, all clouded by the intoxicating scent of sex.

The tip of his tongue dragged down the middle of Mia’s abdomen, her back arching off the bed with a purr when he tongued her navel.

“Are you sure you won’t beg?”

Connard,” she swore at him in French before sighing when he blew a gentle gust of air against her pussy. “Barbare.”

Wyatt was quickly losing his grip on reality. Mia’s hateful words were like an aphrodisiac, turning him inside out. He held her thighs apart and hooked her knees over his shoulders, grazing his teeth over her pelvic bone, then the tender skin of her inner thighs, slowly making his way towards the apex.

He was blinded by overwhelming lust by the time his mouth reached her glistening pussy. Wetting his lips, Wyatt captured her clit between them, applying light suction and starting to bat the hard nub with his tongue.

“C’est trop bon.” Mia ankles hooked over his back, fingers tangling in his hair.

Wyatt was teasing her, driving her high, knowing the crash would be that much harder and sweeter. Wyatt wanted Mia to scream in ecstasy, he wanted to make her fly.

Mia gasped, her fingers tightening in his hair when he increased the suction, two fingers plunging deep into her silky wetness.

He didn’t show her mercy, fucking her with his fingers as his tongue worked her clit.

“Yes.” Gasp. “Oh God, yes.”

Her wails spurred him to kick it up a notch on all fronts, her sharp inhale followed by a cry tore a feral growl from his lungs.

He’d lost count of how many times he had growled since Mia walked into his apartment. Either way, it was as many growls as he had produced in a lifetime. Possessive caveman wasn’t his style, but, then again, neither was hate sex.

Yet, here he was, lust burning through his veins as he pulled his fingers out of Mia’s clenching pussy, spurring his tongue into her, tasting her climax with ravenous hunger. Wyatt clasped her narrow hips and rocked her over his face, flattening his tongue and licking her into another orgasm.

“Baise-moi, Wyatt,” she whimpered, begging him to fuck her, tugging at his hair desperately. “Baise-moi.”

It should have been his moment of triumph, when he gave her that cocky grin that got her all riled up and swearing up a storm in French, instead he growled, again, burying his face between her thighs and ravaging her until she was shaking underneath him.

“Such a sweet pussy,” he groaned before taking her clit between his lips and sucking hard. “I could eat you out all night.”

“I want your cock again,” Mia moaned in a voice hoarse from screaming.

Wyatt kissed his way up her body, delirious from her taste, crashing his mouth against hers and slamming into her tight pussy. Her knees were still draped over his shoulders, allowing a deep penetration that had Mia gasping for air.Wyatt didn’t pause before starting to pound her hard and fast.

It wasn’t about winning anymore, it wasn’t even about gratification. The need surging through Wyatt’s body with every thrust was animalistic, barbaric, as Mia had called him a few minutes ago. He wanted to break her, ruin her, make her body his. Wyatt was spellbound by this woman who would rather see him back across the ocean, maybe even drown him in it for good measure, and he couldn’t care less.

With Mia’s fingers tangled in his hair, heels urging his upper back, nails digging into his scalp, and her pert body tightening around him as they both thundered towards the edge together, all Wyatt knew was that something bigger than indulgence was happening.

His head buried in the crook of Mia’s neck, inhaling the intoxicating scent of them, and it was all it took for his mind to go blank. Searing white heat blinded his vision as he roared into Mia’s skin, fists twisted into the sheets as her own climax milked him for all he was worth.

They were spent, a tangle of glistening, panting flesh. Two sparks that had ignited into a blazing inferno and were now struggling to find oxygen as their fires reduced to a flickering flame.

Wyatt had never experienced anything like it, and one word possessed every corner of his mind – more.




The craving was unrelenting, consuming Mia’s still quaking body. All she wanted was more of Wyatt, more sweaty, entwined bodies shaking and gasping for air together.

“You have fifteen minutes,” Wyatt growled into her ear, and Mia’s eyes snapped open, the euphoric high fading into painful awareness at the thought that Wyatt was kicking her out less than five minutes after giving her the best orgasm of her life. “And then – round two.”

Relief washed Mia, and she welcomed Wyatt’s mouth over hers, his lips trailing down her neck before he retreated to the bathroom. By the time he was back, Mia had retrieved the bottle of eau de vie from the kitchen and was stretched out on the bed, sipping from her cordial.

“I poured you some.” She indicated the second cordial waiting on the nightstand.

“I can think of better ways to drink than from a glass,” Wyatt said with a smirk, crawling over her and tasting the spirit on her lips.

Mia lost track of time as the night progressed. As far as she was concerned, she could have been in Wyatt’s apartment for days and never realized. All her focus was on him and the feeling of having his body on top of her, under her, surrounding her from every direction and taking over her senses.

When Mia woke up it was still dark outside, and she had to blink a few times before remembering where she was. Wyatt’s arm was slung over her stomach as he lightly snored, a satisfied smile decorating his handsome face. He really was a handsome man, and he had proven himself a worthy lover.

If only that were enough.

As gently and quietly as she could, Mia slipped out of bed, checking the time and seeing it was 4 am. Wyatt was so deep in his sated sleep he didn’t even budge as Mia collected her clothes and left his flat.

Her body thrummed with delicious aching, every muscle aware and alert, ready for more, but Mia’s mind was reeling with thoughts.

Was that just one night of releasing steam or would there be another? Did she want another?

Too many questions Mia couldn’t deal with at her current level of exhaustion and hunger, not to mention her desperate need for a shower.

With a sigh, Mia sent out an email that she’d be taking a sick day and headed home, putting off thoughts of Wyatt and what their night together meant for tomorrow.