As the youngest of 6, I’ve always been a voracious reader. To this day I love to find the hidden stories within stories. For most, Dr. Seuss just wrote fantastical children’s books. Many people don’t realize that all of his tales were allegories about politics, tolerance, and the environment. Now, most of my favorite authors are established Urban/High fantasy or PNR writers like Anne Bishop, Devon Monk, Ilona Andrews, and Amy Bartol. As a former corporate refugee, I am a coffee drinker, cocktail enthusiast, beauty junkie (I work in the beauty industry), traveler, and cat mom. I’m also a self-professed champagne snob and overall Queen of useless trivia, fluent in Schoolhouse Rock. I love to cook, and music holds a huge place in my heart. My employees often say they can track me by my incessant humming to some internal soundtrack. In fact, I tend to make a Playlist for every book I write, and sometimes for books I read that inspire me.

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