I know I’ve been a bit MIA (from everywhere. I haven’t posted on Instagram in over two weeks).

Life has been CRAZY.

We just moved our little family of three to a new apartment three weeks before we become a family of four. 

Zero stars, do not recommend moving to a new house at the end of your pregnancy, but all in all worth it. We have parking, a balcony, and a study! I still need to get the study decorated but I have my own little corner to work now.

It has taken a toll, though, and everything else has been slowed down to a stop, pretty much.

Getting the house ready for a new baby while providing a safe adaptation space for a 5 year old while we both are still working (plus studying for me) full time while generally being exhausted from baking a baby pretty much guaranteed I won’t be able to do much else.

I do have a surprise coming next month for you guys, one that will include a bit of change in the tiers (only good ones and whatever benefits were included when you joined you will receive!).

I appreciate your patience, more Mia and Wyatt coming soon including a custom illustration and the exclusive ebook of the completed story!