Kali Brixton Author Interview

Written by Kyra Fox

May 29, 2020

Kali Brixton is the alter ego of a mild-mannered English teacher who adores the written word and a good ol’-fashioned love story (or song). Cinderella will forever be her bread, butter, and jelly, and glitter runs in her veins.

She believes in the healing power of hugs, humor, and HEAs. All things sparkly, cheesy, and Wizard of Oz-zy are guaranteed attention-grabbers.

Although rooted deep within the Appalachian Mountains, she has a heart full of wanderlust. Kali dreams of one day becoming a full-time author and traveling to faraway lands. Until then, she will continue to teach high school students the indisputable importance of Poe and puns.

Kali resides with her own Prince Charming/partner-in-crime/husband of more than a decade and the dreams that are now too big to stay within her wild imagination.

You can connect with Kali through this link:


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