You asked – I listened!

Aside from the newest tier that includes a “choose your own scene”, as of next month, I will incorporate a monthly exclusive short story into my tiers (whether all or from a certain tier up is pending).

My question is – what genre would you like to see?
I have ideas in a few romance subgenres, but whichever I start, I’m running with until I’m out of stories, so I’m leaving the decision to you:

  • More Than Humans – contemporary paranormal romcoms (contemporary PNR) – vampires, werewolves, witches, mermaids, and so much more are living in modern-day DC, navigating life as more than humans.
  • Happy Swirls – three best friends open an ice cream parlor in a small town. Fun, light, and sexy.
  • Randomize – each month I choose a prompt I like and write a short story, each month it’s’ entirely new and unrelated to the last.