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The Lab Wars is 1.5 episodes away from those coveted two words “The End” so it’s time to reveal the cover for the EXCLUSIVE eBook download for all you Patrons on the Simmering Heat tier and above!

Once the new episodes are back from editing, you guys are getting early access to the full story.

A little behind the scenes regarding the couple on the cover – Wyatt always looked the way he’s currently written (I have a thing for dirty blond, messy-haired science geeks. Also for tall, broody, dark-haired, green-eyed men), but Mia was initially written as long-haired and ginger. 

Then I stumbled across this stock series and I could not ignore the Mia/Wyatt vibes, so I adjusted Mia’s appearance to fit the model, and that’s how she ended up with choppy, platinum-blonde hair.

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