Touch of Secrets

She’ll trust him with her life, but never with her heart.

I never believed I’d fall in love, but in one week, Maddie Jenkins proved me wrong. Then she ghosted me, taking my newly found belief in true love with her.

And now, she’s in trouble.

My pretty cyber-security specialist got herself in the sights of internationally most wanted Daniel Harlow. The problem? No one knows what Harlow looks like. So now I, former SEAL Commander Sawyer Abernathy, am her only hope of survival.

To save her, we have to act like we’re friends. Easy enough. Only, the longer I’m on bodyguard duty, the more time I spend trying not to kiss her smart mouth rather than trying to protect her, which begs the question – can I keep my heart out of my mission long enough to save Maddie from the ruthless and violent man who will stop at nothing to get his hands on her?

**Touch of Secrets is the first book in the Peak Securities series. While each novel in the series tells the story of a different couple, this book ends with a cliffhanger and they should be read in order.**

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