Dare to Look (Book Two of the BFF Series) Cover

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Invisible Scars

Series: Peak Securities

Tropes: workplace, scarred ex-SEAL, she’s his boss, “breathe the same air as her and you die”, he’s only soft for her, star wars banter.

Release Date: 20 July 2023

They can’t risk falling in love, but when danger comes for her, he’s willing to lose everything to protect what’s his.

Maddie Jenkins, a brilliant cybersecurity specialist, uncovers a dangerous web leading to crime lord Daniel Harlow. Now hunted by a shadowy figure, she must rely on Sawyer Abernathy, the man who shattered her heart, for protection.

Sawyer, an ex-SEAL, faces a mission he never expected: guarding Maddie, the woman he can’t forget. Despite the pain of her betrayal, he can’t turn his back on her.

With danger closing in, they race against time to track down Harlow. Forced into close quarters, the lines between duty and desire blur, threatening to derail their mission and endangering Maddie’s life.

In a high-stakes game where every move could be their last, will their love be their salvation, or will it be the very thing that destroys them?

book content warnings
    • adult language and situations.
    • depictions of violence.
    • on page physical assault of female protagonist by antagonistic character (not SA).
    • vivid description of injury.
    • PTSD following severe injuries acquired during military service.
    • mention of addiction and emotional abuse by parents (off page).

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