Dare to Look (Book Two of the BFF Series) Cover

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Hidden Signs

Series: Peak Securities

Tropes: overprotective & possessive alpharoll, undercover detective posing as a college girl, road trip gone wrong, only one bed, light daddy kink, no third act breakup.

Release Date: 21 February 2023

A 31-year-old man who works in security and a 20-year-old college girl on the run stuck together in a car for three days. What could go wrong?

An undercover mission gone wrong forces Detective Amelia Ray Drucker to hitch a ride with Micah Peak, Peak Securities CEO, while maintaining her cover as a twenty-year-old college student.

Micah is charming as he is handsome, and his mile-long protective streak is hard to resist, but the last thing Milly can afford is falling for him or, even worse, putting him in harm’s way.

With a ruthless crime lord at her heels and Micah’s persistence to help her at any cost, Milly will do everything it takes to get them safely to Ohio, putting both her heart and her life on the line.

Little does she know that the man she’s running from is the same man Micah and his brothers are trying to find.

When the truth comes out, how far will the strait-laced detective go to protect the man she loves?

book content warnings
    • adult language and situations.
    • depictions of violence.
    • on page physical assault of female protagonist by antagonistic characters (not SA).
    • vivid description of injury.
    • light daddy kink and light age play (no DD/lg or hardcore age play).
    • death of a parent from cancer (not on page).
    • discussion of past events involving a sibling with childhood cancer (sibling beat the cancer and is alive and in remission since) including parental neglect.

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