Dare to Look (Book Two of the BFF Series) Cover

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Unexpectedly Mine

Series: Mine To Keep

Tropes: opposites attract; blue-collar MMC; genius FMC in STEM; one night stand; possessive alpharoll; found family.

Release Date: 13 October 2023

A mechanic haunted by his past, a jaded young genius, and a fiery one-night stand that sparks an unexpected love. But when passion becomes obsession, will love be enough to heal old wounds?

Eric “Mac” Mackenzie lives life on autopilot, a struggling mechanic haunted by a troubled past. Then he meets Zoe Lawrence, a jaded young genius used to men running from her brilliance. Their worlds collide in a passion-filled one-night stand, and both are determined to end their involvement there.

But the magnetic pull proves irresistible, leaving them both on the edge of a love neither expected. As their connection evolves into a whirlwind romance, Mac can’t let go of the notion that he isn’t worthy of someone like Zoe, and his reluctance to confront his painful past threatens to unravel their fragile bond.

Will the fear of inadequacy drive Mac to sabotage the one relationship that could heal his wounded soul or will he find the courage to embrace an unexpected happily ever after?

Previously published under the title Pass Me By as part of the BFF Series.
book content warnings
    • adult language and situations.
    • non-graphic depiction of suicide of a parent with a mental health disorder.
    • depression of a main character and a central side
    • mention of abuse of power and coercion towards a character with a mental health disorder.

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