Dare to Look (Book Two of the BFF Series) Cover

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Undeniabely Mine

Series: Mine To Keep #2

Tropes: friends to lovers; nerdy genius in the streets, pleasure dom in the sheets; praise kink; toys as teammates.

Release Date: 29 February 2024

When Brian was sixteen, Trista hijacked his first kiss, stole his heart, and friendzoned him. A decade later, he’s ready to risk everything to make her his, even their precious friendship.

Brian Jenkins is a man driven by logic, except when it comes to Trista Edwards. Convinced she’ll never return his feelings, he resolves to move on—until a broken-hearted Trista flees her Boston heartache for the dazzling lights of Los Angeles, leaving Brian shattered.

A surprise reunion a year later reignites their undeniable attraction, revealing a hidden dominant side to quiet, nerdy Brian. Yet beneath the surface, a decade of unspoken desires and buried truths have left scars on their hearts. Trista guards a secret about the night that shattered their young love, a secret that could unravel everything they hold dear.

As desire ignites and tensions escalate, will Brian and Trista find redemption in each other’s arms, or will Trista’s secrets demand the ultimate price?

Previously published under the title Dare to Look as part of the BFF Series.
book content warnings
    • adult language and situations including on page anal play.
    • ast psychological and emotional abuse of a main character by a parental figure.
    • child abandonment of a main character.
    • depression and anxiety of a main character including mentions of self-harm.

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