A BFF Series Spinoff Novel

The last thing I was expecting to find when I crawl naked into bed at 1 AM is a scantily dressed woman already sleeping in it.

Once upon a time, I believed in happily ever after, but it was brutally ripped away from me, and I closed myself to the option of ever finding love again.
I don’t deserve a second chance at happiness, a notion I firmly held onto for eight years.
Until I met Lauren.

From a young age, I was taught to always avoid risks.
It’s what led me to waste ten years on a man who never really loved me and eventually took everything I worked hard to achieve.
But playing it safe is a notion I just can’t seem to let go of.
Until I met Michael.

Dare to Look (Book Two of the BFF Series) Cover

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“The hero Michael Edwards most definitely had me LOVING him and SWOONING over him *sigh* I instantly fell in love with the characters and story.”

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