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The steam count

Let’s talk steamy scenes – how much of erotic romance should be sex scenes?

Rising Tensions (The Lab Wars – Episode Five)

Mia“No,” Mia said, hurrying to step in front of Wyatt before he entered the small lab dedicated to the clinical translation of their genomic studies. “Amika is working in there, she doesn’t like being disturbed.”“I appreciate that, but I would like to observe her...

Let the War Begin (The Lab Wars – Episode Four)

Mia“Mia?” Wyatt’s surprised voice from her back had Mia smiling, and she didn’t bother to hide her gloating when she spun the lab chair to face him.For a moment she lost the ability to speak. Wyatt was standing at the lab door in khaki slacks, a bright blue...

The Soirée (The Lab Wars – Episode Three)

WyattHis welcome party turned out to be more of a soirée for the entire faculty, held in what Giles told him was a former gentlemen’s club. It was the traditional kind, including a formal dining room, library, bar, and billiard rooms. Rooms once used for socializing...